PODCAST: Are you aware of your self-awareness?
Summary: How can you become more aware of your impact on others? Two experienced executive coaches explain the importance of self-awareness - both to you as a leader, and to your team.
Written by Darin Fox Released 12 Oct 2020

Self-awareness is often suggested as being one of the most important skills for you as a leader. But why? Can you expect to lead others if you don’t really know yourself or the impact your behavior has on others? Can your team collaborate with each other if there low self-awareness in the team?

In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer at HFL, asks executive coaches Alison Jardie and Natasha Facci:

  • Why is self-awareness important for everyone?

  • How can you help people in your team develop their own self-awareness?

  • How do you know you are getting honest feedback from your team?

  • What are the benefits of lifting self-awareness in your team?

  • How might you develop the self-awareness of your team, as a team?


  • “Self-awareness is the step for change.”

  • “Be able to respond, rather than react.”

  • “Feedback is a gift.”

  • “Feedback can shape the leader you are and the leader you can be.”

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