Summary: In this podcast we have two expert guests who give lots of practical advice to look after yourself and to better support your people at a time when challenges to our mental health are occurring almost on a daily basis.
Written by Darin Fox Released 10 Sep 2020

The stigma of mental illness is slowly disappearing.

Yet some leaders are still unsure how to talk to members of their team who are struggling, or how to open up and talk about their own struggle.

In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer at HFL, asks executive coaches Kim Ambor and Natasha Facci:

  • If any listeners are struggling, what advice can you offer right away?

  • What are the signals that every day stress is starting to have a negative impact? When does it cross the line into mental illness?

  • What does the research say about the impact of Covid on mental health?

  • How might leaders build an RUOK culture in their team?

There’s a lot of practical advice as to how to look after yourself, and to better support your people, at a time when challenges to mental health occur almost daily.


  • “I walk through my care bear world with rose-coloured glasses.”

  • “It starts off with the little things.”

  • “Think about the bubbles in your coke can and what could you do to prevent that coke can from popping.”

  • “People are like elastic bands. You can stretch, but don’t snap.”

  • “Australia loses 12million work days due to mental health.”

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Show notes

Mental Health Continuum Model - Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue self-assessment.

Examples of Mental Health Apps

RUOK website.

Blackdog Institute website.

Experts explain why zoom meetings are so exhausting - BBC.

Career Power website - Kim Ambor.

The Alchemy Collective- Natasha Facci.

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