PODCAST: My leadership brand
Summary: How do you present yourself as a leader? What's your "leadership brand"? In this episode, we offer hints and tips to build an authentic leadership brand - and how to deal with circumstances where that authenticity is challenged.
Written by Darin Fox Released 28 Oct 2020

In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer at HFL, asks executive coach Greg Holland-King and our Marketing Director Grant Heinrich about “leadership brand”.

  • What is a leadership brand and why should I care?

  • What are some top hints and tips to help me build and maintain a leadership brand?

  • What happens if I create a brand that isn’t authentically me?

  • How do I maintain my brand when things get tough?


  • “You are a leader in all aspects of your life.”

  • “You cannot win if you are working for a company whose ethics are radically different from yours.”

  • “Your brand also tells you what you aren’t.”

  • “Leadership doesn’t come with a title. It’s the impact you have on other people.”

  • “You don’t decide whether you are leader. Your people decide.”

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Greg Holland-King, Principal Consultant ghk Consulting: Associate Melbourne Business School

Grant Heinrich, Marketing Director, HFL

Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer of HFL and Fastlead.

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