PODCAST: Emotional intelligence: Dial up the empathy, not the sympathy
Summary: In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, we look at emotional intelligence. What are its six core skills, and how do I know if I need to improve my emotional intelligence?
Written by Darin Fox Released 31 Aug 2020

Emotional intelligence? What is it, how do I know I need to get better, and how might I get better at it?

In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer at HFL, asks executive coaches Kim Ambor and Dominic Johnson:

  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it so important to leadership?

  • What is the link between emotional intelligence and financial performance?

  • What are the six core skills of emotional intelligence, how might we know if we need to improve and how might we do it?


  • “I don’t think you could function in a leadership role without a degree of EI.”

  • “There is a direct link between EI and job performance, business performance, promotion and increases in income.”

  • “If you are constantly surprised by the reactions other people have to you, then perhaps it’s you.”

  • “Dial up the empathy, not the sympathy.”

  • “You dip your toes in the water, and if it feels like it wasn’t life threatening, then you go a little bit further next time.”

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Show notes

Daniel Goleman introduces emotional intelligence - Youtube.

Daniel Goleman - “Why aren’t we more compassionate” - Tedx.

The GENOS EI Framework - GENOS International.

The Secret to Dealing With Difficult People: It’s About You - Harvard Business Review.

Control your mind and master your feelings - Eric Robertson.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - Travis Bradberry.

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