Download a short guide to Mastering Expertship
Summary: Now Mastering Expertship is available entirely online, we're created a short guide to Expertship to explain how the new design works. Download here.
Written by Grant Heinrich 23 Jul 2020

Now Mastering Expertship is available as an entirely virtual program, we’re written a short guide that explains:

  • How is Mastering Expertship different to traditional “business” courses for subject matter experts, technical specialists and other individual contributors?

  • What’s in the Expertship Model capability framework?

  • What does the Expertship curriculum cover?

  • What kinds of experts and job roles most benefit from Expertship?

  • How does the small group coaching approach of Mastering Expertship help participants embed their knowledge and best practice?

  • Why is expertship more effective than old-school “negotiation skills” or “emotional intelligence 101” for technical specialists?

Download the guide below.

Download a concise description of Expertship