Case study: How Rachael Grant of GenesisCare made her technical specialists more effective
Written by Grant Heinrich 30 Mar 2020


0:00 Introduction 0:30 Who are experts? 1:50 Why experts are frustrated with their career path 7:06 Capability frameworks for experts 9:16 Who are GenesisCare? 17:08 What did Impact/Expertship hope to achieve? 20:40 How did you sell Expertship into the organisation? 24:06 Connecting experts to the business 30:12 Outcomes – an 82% net promoter score 40:42 Rachel summarises three reasons why GenesisCare adopted Impact/Expertship 41:58 Audience questions

What you’ll learn

Rachael Grant is the Global Head of Talent and Culture for the fast-growing Australian healthcare group, GenesisCare. It’s an expert-heavy industry, and the group employs a wide range of technical specialists including radiation therapists, cardiophysiologists, physicists, doctors, nurses, engineers, and more. But prior to Rachael’s arrival, GenesisCare’s development of its experts, like that of many organisations, went no further than a focus on building technical competence.

In early 2019, Rachael and her team piloted their first expertship program, Impact, to develop enterprise skills for technical specialists. In this webinar, Rachael shares an in-depth review of:

  • The initial reaction from the business, and how Talent and Culture built consensus to test the concept

  • Early learnings, first reception, and how the Impact program has since developed into additional formats in the UK and Australia

  • Why future sessions are already heavily oversubscribed

  • What she and her team learned, the return on investment, and what they would do differently.

  • with viewer Q&A at the end

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