PODCAST: Building culture you want in your team
Summary: There is a lot of talk about organisational culture. But what about team culture? Learn how you as a team manager can build the culture you want in your team from two top experts.
Written by Darin Fox Released 16 Dec 2020

There are a million books and consultants who talk about organisation culture. But what about team culture? How can you as a manager build the culture you want in your team? And why should you care?

In this episode, we ask culture and leadership experts Fiona Robertson and Celeste Halliday:

  • What is culture?

  • Is creating a sense of belonging more difficult during COVID and remote working? Is culture?

  • Are there any new behaviours that are consistently sneaking into teams that are causing team performance issues?

  • Organisations and people leaders spend a lot of time and resources on managing their culture but not so much about their “Why” or “Purpose”. Often their Purpose or Mission is just another poster on the wall. Why is this potentially a problem?

  • How can front line managers create a sense of purpose in their teams?

  • Can managers build a positive culture in their team when the wider organisation’s culture is dysfunctional or toxic? How?


  • “We have evolutionary super-powers.”

  • “Culture are the rules of belonging.”

  • “We get the culture we deserve.”

  • “Your culture is impacted by what you do, and don’t do.”

  • “Vulnerability is courage.”

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Show notes

What the hell do we do now? An enterprise guide to COVID-19 and beyond www.amazon.com.au

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Verywellmind.com

Matthew Lieberman: Social Pain is Real Pain. Youtube.com

Give and Take - Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. Wharton School Press

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